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We currently raise the "Cornish Rock" broiler. The advantages of these birds are that they grow very quickly and their feed to meat conversion is very high. We process our birds around 8 weeks of age. That's a fast-growing chicken!




The birds will be housed in two different shelters during their lives. The first two to three weeks, the birds need a warm, dry and secure place to grow out their feathers. We keep them inside the brooder to keep them dry and use a heat lamp to keep them warm. Once they have grown out their feathers, they are moved outside into one of the pasture shelters. These shelters are moved twice daily to fresh pasture. We keep about 30 birds in each shelter. Letting the birds live outside allows them to express themselves as chickens would in nature, scratching in the ground looking for bugs and eating forage.



We currently use Lone Star Feed, a Non-GMO, non-medicated mix milled in Elm Mott, TX


The birds are processed at Cobb Creek Farm in Hillsboro, TX. They have an FDA inspected processing facility that they use to process their own pasture poultry in addition to poultry from local farmers. Their "small-scale, one-on-one slaughter methods ensure that the chickens experience a minimum of stress and pain."